Utilitarian Items

Each year, National Breweries attended trade shows that drew businessmen from around the world. Conventions for hotel or restaurant operators were also opportunities to increase sales. The company displayed all of its brands at these events and gave away utilitarian items to promote them. National Breweries called this “novelty advertising.” The items included glasses, trays, matches, bottle openers and calendars, many of them bearing the Black Horse Percheron emblem. They were likely handed out elsewhere as well, to tavern and licenced establishment owners and customers, for instance.

The utilitarian items that ensured the visibility of Dawes Black Horse Brewery at points of sale and in homes fall into three categories: beer service accessories (mugs, glasses, coasters, napkins, trays, bottle openers), personal promotional accessories (ashtrays, matches, pocketknives, key rings, flashlights, pins, button hooks, mechanical pencils) and promotional items (calendars, playing cards, checkerboards and postcards). 

Michel Ste Marie amassed an impressive number of utilitarian items promoting Black Horse and other National Breweries brands. Breweriana, as such items are called, are still highly sought after by collectors.