The Dawes: Brewers of Beers and Ideas (archive)

The permanent exhibition called The Dawes: Brewers of Beer and Ideas, produced by Musée de Lachine, was on display in the vaults at L’Entrepôt, in Lachine, from December 6, 2001, through December 2011.

This was the first showing of objects from the Dawes Black Horse collection following its acquisition by the Musée, in 1999. The exhibition succinctly documented the development of the Lachine-based Dawes Brewery, maker of the famous Black Horse beer. A selection from among the more than 800 items amassed by the collector Michel Ste Marie (1937-1998) demonstrated the popularity of Black Horse beer with Quebec consumers and illustrated the means used by Dawes Brewery to market its brand with the black Percheron emblem.

The exhibition was shown on the site where Dawes Brewery was founded and thrived in the 19th century. It dealt with the history of the Dawes family, which, from generation to generation, developed a vast industrial complex southwest of Montréal, shaping Lachine’s urban landscape and economic life for an entire century.   

The texts for the exhibition The Dawes: Brewers of Beer and Ideas are available for consultation online.