In the fall of 2013, the History section will come online to complement the advertising and collection sections. Articles will be added from time to time to shed light on the context in which Black Horse beer was marketed and to provide an overview of that period. These additional resources will deal with the production and history of beer, and describe in greater detail how the Dawes family settled in Lachine in 1826 and became brewers of the famous Black Horse brand.

Events such as industrialization and the World Wars will be briefly analyzed in terms of their considerable impact on both social history and the production and marketing of Black Horse beer. There also will be themed articles on the laws that, more or less strictly, regulated the consumption and advertising of alcoholic products over the years. And for a fuller understanding of social change, topics such as Prohibition and women’s rights may be addressed.  

The purpose of the History section is to provide supplementary tools that put into perspective the development of the consumer society and the consumer’s relationship to beer products through advertising.